Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Back!

Well, after a two month hiatus from blogging, I decided too many fun things had been going on to not be documenting them.  I suppose when you only blog every few months you've got nothing else to do but the ol' picture dump.  (I can think of worse dumps to be made...)

March brought my first experience at a hockey game.  Scott and I joined our friends Jessica and Brett and cheered for the Wichita Thunder.  Is it bad that I was hoping for a fight the whole time we were there?? Fight or no fight, it was a fun evening!

March also brings one of my favorite perks about my job....Spring Break.  I made it down to my grandparents in Oklahoma for our tradition to continue.  Time spent at the CPA office, basketball watching, and a trip to the casino.  Another successful trip!

I'd hate for you to think I just toast my buns all break long...

Ok, here's the real worker. 

Papa always seems to know which machines are going to be the lucky ones!
At the end of March sweet Reesie girl celebrated her 2nd birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party.  For a more thorough update featuring pictures of the cutest little girl ever click here.

Jana made the cutest sign. 

The birthday princess herself.
Showing off Jana's yummy desserts!
April brought a very sad day for my beloved car, Lola the Corolla.  Let's just say, Oh deer!  I drilled one on the highway right in the middle of Wichita.  It was dark out and I didn't see it till it was too late.  By the damage on poor Lola you'd think I hit a 10 point buck.  Maybe I all happened so fast.  In my mind I just remember seeing deer guts fly every where and I could hear my car dragging stuff underneath.  I was afraid I would open my door to see the head of this thing staring up at me.  Turns out it was just half my car dragging on the ground.  Let's just say, it would be no mystery as to what I hit.  The deer left plenty of evidence all over my car.  Gross.

It could have been much worse.  Praise God that I was able to drive home and walk away without a scratch.  And good news for Lola too!  She was miraculously not totaled and will roll on once she's all fixed up!

Easter weekend brought Jana and her crew down here where we celebrated at Scott's house.  We enjoyed our own Easter egg hunt, dying eggs, plenty of outdoor fun, and a lot of yummy food!

Scott is quite a grill master. 
Some wiffle ball action!
Life continues to fly by and May will bring more exciting birthday, Mother's day, end of the school year (18 days to go!), and then SUMMER!! I've had a great first year at Andover, but what teacher isn't ready for summer right now?! Until next time...which could be a long time...