Saturday, April 27, 2013

Taste and See

Thanks to Groupon, I was introduced to a secret gem of a place in Wichita that made for a very fun girl's night!  Taste and See is a super fun, "open kitchen" dining experience.  The owner and head chef is from Venezuela and has won several prestigious cooking awards.  If you're a Wichitan, you might recognize the oh-so delicious restaurant, Sabor, in Old Town...he started that.  He's kind of a big deal.  And kinda very attractive. Check out the website to see what's offered and get a peek at their menus.  Their classes and such are a bit pricey, so keep your eyes peeled for a Groupon.

Chef Jason (of course I'll refer to him on a first name basis, as if we're the closest of friends) described an open kitchen concept as very hands on.  We created our own empanadas  at our seats and he asks for volunteers to help him as he cooks right in front of you.

We were able to enjoy three tasty courses during their Old Spanish Cuisine night: empanadas with chimichurri sauce (does it sound like I know what I'm talking about?), stuffed tomatoes (my fave!!), and a rice with veggies and seafood.  He does a great job of entertaining you during the evening and shares fun little kitchen and recipe facts.  Feast your eyes on this good stuff-

Empanadas with chimichurri sauce
Tomato stuffed with cheeses and a hamburger meat mixture
Rubber gloves for handling our pastries
Group shot with Chef Jason
Our very own Brooke was asked to help out in the kitchen with the rice dish.  Her husband is from Venezuela, so she and Chef Jason immediately connected...jealous.  :)

This was such a fun experience!  Definitely look into it if you're in the area.  He has some nights where he cooks very exotic guinea pig.  dead.serious.  I'm very glad we did not show up for that night.  So maybe read the fine print of your Groupon or you could be signing yourself up for "this could be your pet" night.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Time Phone Dump

Just when I've thought Spring was going to show her sweet, warm little face we've continued to have us some dang cold days.  And apparently Tuesday is dipping back to the 40's.  I know folks, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  I don't think anyone is ready for warmer weather than me, and that is why I'm pumped to say T-minus 17 days to board my plane and head to the Bahamas.  What? You're tired of me bragging about this...ok then, on with the random picture dump. 

Enjoying nice weather Easter weekend
Mom & Dad making a great Easter lunch
We celebrated my birthday early and mom used festive wrapping paper to go along with my cruise :) 
A new luggage set! Very exciting! 
Maybe the next you hear from me I'll be golden bronze and sharing pictures from the beach!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break Recap

Yes, Spring Break was weeks ago, but it's never too late to relive some good times.  I made my annual trip down to visit my grandparents where we spent the days at Papa's CPA office and our evenings watching March Madness and Wheel of Fortune.  We also ventured out to the Hard Rock Casino for an evening.  The usual stop at Toby Keith's restaurant and then a quick visit to the slots that lasted just long enough to lose our money.

Toby Keith's restaurant 

In case you can't read the voucher, it says $0.02 

Well, despite the crazy weather, we're getting closer and closer to summer break!  And on another exciting note, I'm boarding my cruise in 24 days!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Bash!

While on my three week hiatus from blogging, life has continued to fly by.  Look forward to hearing about my Spring Break happenings and a fun four day Easter weekend.  However, this post is dedicated to the recent birthday party for Sweet Reesie's one year! I'm sure Jana will post all the fun details once life slows down a bit for her, which never really seems to happen with two under the age of three.  But here's my brief version of the cutest girl on earth--

See what I mean? Cutest.Girl.On. Earth
Jana, as always, went above and beyond to throw the best birthday bash a one year old princess could ask for.

Complete with tutu highchair :) 
Sauder's motto for decor is always "go big or go home"

Sauder Girls 
Speaking of big celebrations.....Lola the Corolla (aka my car) turned over a huge milestone about a week ago.  Might as well be like a birthday.

100,000  miles had to be caught on camera! And yes, I've incriminated myself with the fact that my car was in motion while taking this pic.  Ssshhhhh. Happy Monday, everyone!