Thursday, April 23, 2015


Would anyone like to take a guess at the significance of this blog post title?  No, not the age the average college student looks forward to.  And no, we're not headed to Vegas in hopes of striking it rich at black jack.  (Although, that doesn't sound half bad.)

We are down to twenty-one school days, my friends.  Yes. Twenty. One.  Only four Mondays left.  Approximately 168 hours.  But no one's counting down around here....nope, not me.  

Honestly, year six of teaching has flown by.  It's definitely been my most memorable one thus far.  I started the year as a Sauder and end it as a Peltier.  I've watched this group of kids come in as scared, awkward little sixth graders, and I'll pass them on as confident, boisterous, (still awkward) soon-to-be seventh graders.

 I hadn't realized how much I've really grown to love this group, until I was sitting at our 6th grade orientation earlier this week  looking at a young, fresh crop of kiddos.  And all of a sudden I had a hint of sadness at the thought of letting this current group go.  They'll be my last kiddos who even know who Miss Sauder is.  The thought of training a new group on the routines and procedures of Room 610 exhausts me.  That is why summer never sounded so good.  

I've tried to remind Scott of my summer must-haves.  Pool.  Sonic Happy Hour.  Live with Kelly and Michael morning show.  I have a feeling I'm in for earlier wake-up calls and a few more fixer upper projects.  The most exciting thing on the project list for me is painting our bedroom and bathrooms!  Luckily I married someone who loves the beach just as much as I do, so we've got a beach theme all planned for the bedroom. Please don't think cheesy palm trees and bright, tacky colors.  Think classy and sophisticated meets the Sunshine State. 

And because this has shaped up to be a very random post, I'll leave you with a few pictures from the last bit of life around here lately.  (Also because I'd hate to break my own rule of every post needs a picture.)

My mom and dad came for a weekend to enjoy seeing Scott in coaching action at the League wrestling meet.  I must say, I was a very reluctant wrestling fan at the beginning of the season. Surely you're not surprised this was my first real experience with the sport.  But I must say, by the end of the season I was their biggest fan.  I found myself yelling for the kids during their matches and even getting some high-fives from a few of the guys on his team.  

Spring break had me spending some time at my usual favorite spot, Grandmama and Papa's house.  We enjoyed a night at the casino, where we were not big winners. 

My mom made the Spring Break trip with me for a fun change.  We got together for lunch with my uncle and great aunts.  

The end of March had Reesie celebrating the big THREE! Jana never disappoints when it comes to hosting and serving delicious birthday meals!  I told her our kids will likely be celebrating at Pizza Hut.  

At the end of March, we finally made MaKenzie's dreams come true.  We visited her in Cowboy Country and had a Sauder sisters slumber party at the sorority house. (Say that five times fast) As the youngest, she had made visits to come stay with us when we were both in college, so it was a must we join her for a night before she graduates.  (How can the kid be graduating from college?!)  Needless to say, it was a fabulous weekend with lots of laughs and memories!  We tried to seem as cool and young as possible :) 

Of course we had to take our picture with the Gamma Phi rock! 

Scott recently won the award for Husband of the Year the night he hung our wedding collage up in the living room! This guy has a plan to execute for any project.  We're talking laser beams across the wall for level hanging & a scaled model on paper to plan it out just right.  Genius.  

It's almost May, which means it's almost one of my favorite months of the year! Birthdays, graduations, and summer time!! Can't get much better than that!