Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Recap

As previously mentioned I was quite the traveler over Spring Break, including a stay at the Roberts Hotel...aka my grandparents.  Traveling down to Oklahoma for a few days over my break has become a great tradition full of helping down at my grandpa's CPA office, eating lunch from Gripado's, a local sandwich & soup shop, and yes, going to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa.

 I love going down there for so many reasons. First off, they are the coolest grandparents anyone could have.  My Papa can usually stay up past midnight easily.  Now this might includes him falling asleep while watching TV despite his protests that he's awake the whole time.  They're just so good at making you feel special and loved.  Grandmama teaches me how to knit and is very tech savvy, including sending text messages.  They let you sleep in as late as you want and are famous for the best pancake breakfast ever.  And let's not forget they take you to the casino.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm no gambling addict.  In fact, the only time I go is with my grandparents and I think that's what makes it so fun. 

I was assistant to the assistant during the week

They're quite a team!

She's knitting a sweater. Unbelievable.

Eating at Toby Keith's restaurant in the casino

Hotel Lobby

My grandparents started me off with twenty dollars for gambling. (so who doesn't like it when it's not even your money?)  We stick to mostly penny and nickel slot machines and enjoy people watching.  I was on a hot machine for awhile where I had racked up over sixty dollars.  Then cashed out at fifty and somehow got it down to eight.  Then we hit the mother load!  We did something right that made the machine light up, ring the bell, and cause people around to turn their heads and look at us.  Got it back up to $45, gave Papa his twenty back and walked out a very satisfied customer with $25.  Grandmama talked me in to buying a new watch with my winnings.  A great souvenir.  Thanks for a fun week!  Looking forward to Spring Break 2013!

Friday, March 30, 2012

She's Here!

The much anticipated Reese Ann Marie Keeley is here!! Jana has her full birth story on her blog, so I'll just leave you with the best!
I showed the above picture to my students telling them what I did over Spring Break and a boy said, "Wow Miss Sauder, your sister looks just like you."  I let him know that that was me in the picture. Oh 12 year olds...

She sports pink very well.

Doesn't Jana look great!

Despite Jana being in a hospital bed, I feel like this pic could be framed & all!

The fam minus Malibu Barbie aka MaKenzie

I'll tag some random ramblings to the end of this post.  The weather has been absolutely incredible lately!  I've tried to get my pasty-white self outside some, if even just to sit and read for a bit.  A student asked me the other day if I've been tanning; I wanted to jump up and hug her.  Thank you for noticing a very slight, tiny glimpse of what may be browning skin.  I might just adjust your grade..... :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

In a Nutshell

Well, 1,050 miles later, my Spring Break has come to a close and now back to school.  The thing that gets me up on a Monday morning after break is knowing that Summer is two months away!  I promise I like my job...just helps to have something to look forward to, and for me that something just always seems to be time off. 

I kept the road hot traveling to Kansas City (twice) for wedding showers and to meet baby Reese and down to Claremore, OK to stay with my grandparents for a few days.

A lot of pictures and great story-telling to come, just wanted to check in and leave you with what could be the cutest picture ever.

Meet Reese
Look forward to multiple posts covering everything from my clerical duties and casino-going self in Oklahoma to wedding showers and baby bliss.  What a great life.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Perfect Sunday

This past Sunday, Jana's husband, Matt, came to Wichita for a recruiting trip and Jana and Cade came along for the ride to hang out with me!  It made for a perfect Sunday afternoon as we watched "Woody" as Cade says (Toy Story), made a pallet on the floor to snuggle and nap, and Jana and I watched some episodes of Castle.  So basically when you take some of my favorite people, favorite TV show, and favorite activity (napping) and roll them all together, it makes for a great day! 

Here we are snuggling with monkey and "B"...his blankie.  You always run the risk of having to make a tent when you get blankets out in front of Cade.  Luckily we were able to talk him into snuggling instead. 

Cade is at that fun stage where he's so active and such an explorer!  He still loves dogs and remembered that we had a dog magnet on our fridge from his last visit.

Jana is going through what she's calling a "mid-life crisis" and is desiring to put streaks of fun color in her blue.

No worries....this is only fake clip-in hair, but I've let her know that I'm in full support of this phase.  Matt, however, is not.  I mentioned her desire to my hair dresser who told me how terribly hard it would be to get blue out of hair.  She suggested a violet color that would then fade into a brown.  I'll keep ya posted on what that soon-to-be mommy of two does.

Excited to meet little Reese in two weeks!
It was so fun for them to stop by and spend the afternoon with me.  Was a nice glimpse of what it'd be like to live in the same town.  Maybe some day...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

As previously  mentioned, my students have been busy clicking away and staring off into computer screens for the past three days taking the Kansas Reading State Assessments.  This has allowed me to get caught up on quite a bit of grading, lesson planning, blog reading and other important details.  As my students have been so faithfully working I've had the chance to walk around and read through the tests they're taking.  They have three days worth of three passages with 6-14 questions each and let me tell you just how riveting and exciting these passages are.  In fact, I'm so moved by these wonderfully relevant to twelve year old stories that I'd like to thank those bigwigs in charge of creating these tests for coming up with such highly exciting material for these twelve year olds.
So here goes my letter....

To Whom It May Concern:

I'd like to thank you for working so hard to create the utmost of exciting passages for students across the state of Kansas to read.  I'm sure you're well aware of how hard it can be for twelve and thirteen year olds to stay focused and keep their curiosity peeked for hours at a time, so thank you for coming up with such engaging material.  I've had a hard time choosing my absolute favorite passage, but I think it's a close call between "I Support Backpacks on Wheels" and "Can Your Pet Pass an Oral Exam".  I mean really, both of these are just such hot topics today that I just can't understand why students would dread these tests.  I've seen so many students walking around with their wheely backpacks that if they didn't already have one, they're going to jump out there and buy one today after that article!  And who hasn't been dying to know about their pets hygeine and what causes bad doggy breath??  So again, thank you for spending the time and putting forth such great effort to come up with only the best. 


Miss Sauder

Well, if you haven't already stopped reading this long post...I would definitely need my sarcasm font for the letter above.  And just for the record I do NOT support backpacks on wheels....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

Well, I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a bit, but don't worry, I'm back!  Between baby showers, wedding showers, visits back to the Bend, and'd think I'd have  more blogging material now than ever before.  I think I've just hit a writer's block and have been mulling over my next big entry.  Low expectations, people. 

Aunt Genchie has had some great Cader time!
Two weekends ago Jana and I both had parent/teacher conferences which meant no school that Friday so we met up in GB.  Cade unfortunately wasn't feeling good that weekend, but always good to see him nonetheless.  Last weekend, we all met up in KC for a baby GIRL shower for Jana. Ironically, I found my camera charger!!! (in the outside pocket of a suitcase) then I went off to KC and left it at home. Seriously?! So go to Jana's blog to see pics of her cute baby shower when she posts about that.  It was so fun to see a pink baby room and to hear Cade walk in there and say, "Where's baby?"  I think he'll make a great big brother.  Of course, that's after he adjusts to the fact that he's no longer the center of attention. As my dad says, "Straaaange things are happening to me...." (Tune from Toy Story when Woody gets the boot to Buzz) haha. 

Right now, life has me preparing for my best friend's wedding. (Not the movie, real life) Meet my best friend, Chyla.
Chy Chy and I met our very first day of college at our sorority's bid day back in 2005.  She is tying the knot in May and I have the wonderful privilege of being her maid of honor!  She moved to Tulsa after college and her groom-to-be is bringing her back to Kansas.  Can't wait!

On a much less exciting note, my kiddos are getting ready to take the Reading State Assessments this coming Monday-Wednesday.  We've been preparing for a very long time now....hoping they do great!  Hope you all have a relaxing weekend ahead of you.