Friday, February 20, 2015

Jamaican' Me a Honeymoon!

Sandy beaches that tickle my toes, a warm sun bronzing my skin, and shady palm trees to nap under...these are a few of my favorite things!  And lucky for me, my husband agrees.  So where better to Honeymoon than in sunny Negril, Jamaica at Couples Swept Away all-inclusive resort!  This place was awesome.  Seriously.  You should all go.  Tomorrow.  We'll meet you there.

They had everything you could ever want to do plus so much more.  Paddle-boarding, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat tours, catamaran boat rides, shopping, scuba diving (I was too chicken for this one...but my husband, who would willingly admit is the weaker swimmer of the two of us, so wanted to! Sorry babe. Maybe next time.).  They also had a beautiful rec center complete with a ping pong table that we dominated, tennis lessons, the list goes on and on.  Typically I'm more of a beach lounger, low-key, read a book and relax kinda gal.  But that was before I married Mr. Active Man.  We definitely had our fair share of relaxing, but managed to squeeze in some water sports, tennis lessons (I'm sure I was the worst player my guy had ever had), and snorkeling.  We loved the snorkeling so much we did it twice!

A definite highlight was the food (I'll spare you the details on the other highlight)... We ate like kings and queens for seven days straight. Scott woke up early and worked out most mornings, so he deserved to eat the many courses and desserts each day. I, however, chose to lay in bed and let him bring me a fruit smoothie post workout.  A perfect system, really.  

Luckily, Scott discovered God's greatest gift on earth early on in the week.  Banana-stuffed french toast.  Oh my.  Let's just say we had it every morning and even googled recipes for it once we were home and attempted it ourselves.  

The resort also had fun nightly entertainment.  Musical groups, a bonfire on the beach, talent show (featuring brave, not-so-talented guests), piano bar, etc.  They even have some night clubs, but no matter how hard we tried to stay up and check it out, we were usually wiped out from the sun by the end of the day.

Unfortunately I've waited nearly four months to get this post up that I'm struggling to remember all of the details, but know that we completely recommend this place!  

Now for pictures...

What I would give to be here again!

Breakfast in bed...before we discovered the to-die-for french toast at the restaurant. 
THE banana-stuffed french toast

Compared evening temps of Negril and home.  Reason #3,876 why I'm meant to live in a tropical location

This was our sad face selfie on our last day in paradise.

I don't know why I've been in such a non-blogging funk lately, but I'm facing the fact that I probably won't catch up on the past 3 months.  So just know that we had a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine's Day, President's weekend, and are looking forward to Spring Break :) Until next time...