Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Recap

Well, as summer comes to an end and reality awaits (sigh), I decided it was time to dust off the ol' blog and get a post up.  This summer has been too jam-packed full of goodness to remain quiet behind the screen.  Summer is a definite perk for a teacher, and being married to a teacher is definitely double the fun!  I've absolutely loved spending the days with Scott adventuring to wherever the day takes us.  A good chunk of the summer has had us busy with house projects.  I'm convinced the hubs could host a DIY show.  (And I'd be the fun sidekick, of course).  He says I'm a good helper; he's very kind.

Last summer we re-tiled the bathrooms and this summer jumped all in with paint, new counter tops, stained the cabinets, and new light fixtures.  We also bit the bullet & began repainting our oak trim white all over our upstairs.  We talked about this for awhile, and finally just started doing it.  We're still doing it. Lot's of oak. #giftthatkeepsongiving

You can find a before pic of the bathroom here.

Here's an after pic!

I don't have a full before picture of our guest bath, but here's a before of the vanity. 

Here's an after pic!

We used a gel stain on the vanities and cabinets.  I would put this all over the house if Scott would let me. 
We also painted our bedroom gray and are in the process of hanging up our beach accessories.  I'll (hopefully) blog with pics once complete. 

We enjoyed another week at Carillon Beach, Florida.  And even though there was no proposal this time around, my entire mom's side of the family joined us for the fun! 

It was so fun to celebrate my Papa's 80th birthday all together!  Here's the grand kids, spouses, and great-grand kids.

The grill masters.  (Quite a knife Art was entrusted with)
We rented a golf cart this time around and it left me wondering, how did I manage to walk the five minutes to the beach last year??  Papa was a wonderful on-call taxi for everyone. 

It was another successful year of crab hunting.  You know you're serious when you've got a headlamp. 

Speaking of headlamps...Scott can fix anything with a headlamp and his MacGyver skills.

Enjoying some beach time.  Reese missed the memo that we're at the beach, and therefore life is good. 

Scott and I also enjoyed a trip to New York City & Washington DC.  Look for a separate post to capture that fun.  

As always, I'm in pure disbelief that it's August.  I found myself on the school supply aisle at Wal-Mart this evening and just wanted to cringe.  Ugh. I've got one more week to stay up late, have no alarm, read good books, hit up Sonic, and lounge around before the real world resumes. 

This year, the real world will find me teaching 8th grade.  An opportunity arose at my school and after much consideration I decided to take the jump from 6th to 8th.  I enjoyed those little 6th graders, but I'm excited for what this year has in store!  If you've stuck with me this long, you're a true pal.  Until next time.