Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drawing a Blank...

Seriously, I've been thinking about how I need to blog for days now and NOTHING has come to mind.  I'd like to think that hilarious, magnificent, blog worthy things are happening all around me and I'm just drawing a blank; however, I'm thinking life is just chugging along as usual.  Probably a good thing. Maybe it runs in the family because I just popped over to Jana's blog whose title was "Zip, Zero, Zilch".  Enjoy the random ramblings.

Last week was my first full week back at school and I honestly prayed that it wouldn't seem like the longest week ever.  God answered that prayer as it actually seemed to pass by rather quickly!  I think my body has been retrained to get out of bed before 10am and I hate to jinx myself, but I really feel like I've begun to hit my "fourth year teaching stride".  Hear me out, I have in no way mastered the art of anything, but I finally feel like I know the overall plan of what we're doing for the rest of the school year, feel confident in preparing the kiddos for State Assessments and just maybe won't feel like I'm ready for summer break in March.

My master's classes start up tomorrow--it's amazing how quickly I adjust to no classes in just a months time.  I'm taking two at a time and they're both online so surely we'll be ok there.

I've never been one to get into the whole "New Year's Resolutions" thing, but the last few years I've tried to set more of what I'd call goals for the upcoming year.  Here are a few for 2013:

-Read the Bible in a year (I have a One Year Bible that I love, but I've never stuck with it the entire year)
-Drink less pop (Even as I type this I'm laughing because I really have no plan in place for this)
-Work out (Notice I didn't say more...I need to start working out again)
-Send more cards (Be it thank yous, friendship, encouragement...just send more)
-Read more books (I love to read, I just don't always make the time for it)

That's really all I've got right now.  The fewer I've got, the more likely I'll be at success.

That's all for now.  Sorry no pictures...maybe next time.  This coming weekend the Sauder girls are getting together for a "no boys allowed" weekend in KC.  I'm assuming Cade is exempt from that rule.  Maybe that's where I'll be struck with hilarious, magnificent, blog worthy material. :)

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