Monday, May 12, 2014

May-Time Magic

May is one of my favorite months for several reasons.

1.  It's my birthday month (Yes, I'm one who loves the idea of an entire month of celebrating!
2. Several other important birthdays are celebrated (Cade's, Grandma Sauder's, my Papa's, and sooo many friends!  Seriously, in college a group of us named ourselves the "Mayniacs" because we were all May birthdays.  We're cool.)
3.  Mother's Day  (Can you tell I love any reason to get together with people I love and celebrate?!)
4.  The end of a school year and SUMMER TIME!
5.  32 oz drinks at select gas stations are 99 cents
6.  Sonic Shakes go half price after 8pm

So basically, I'm up for a good party and a discount drink!  Happy May, people!!

A couple of weeks ago, MaKenzie ran her first full marathon in the Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon.  Wow.  Let's just say it's a whole new level of crazy, determined people who participate in such an event.  While down there, we were able to tour the National Museum for the memorial.  I had visited the outdoor portion, but had never toured the inside where you see more of individual's stories and news coverage from that tragic day.  It really is a sobering experience to walk around and be reminded of just how precious life is.

The marathon was supposed to start at 6:30am (woof), but with some rain and lightning delays, things were underway around 8:30.  Luckily there was a parking garage for thousands of us to get close and comfy under to stay dry.  MaKenzie did awesome!! It was so fun to drive around to different spots on the course and cheer her on.  At one point our car got blocked in from closed streets for the race, so my mom, dad, and I walked to a nearby McDonald's for a little breakfast action.  We felt so guilty to be sitting there eating our meal while she was running her tail off.  We didn't mention this stop to her (Sorry, Kid!).  At mile 21 I jumped in with her and ran for a short distance. Like a distance equivalent to running to the end of a long driveway....let's not be too crazy here.

Last weekend Scott and I traveled to his hometown of Concordia for a fun weekend with his family.  He's a country boy through & through and I'm beginning to think he'd like some of that to rub off on me. :)  Our weekend was complete with a fishing trip and shark-tooth hunting.  I bet you wouldn't believe me if I told you I caught the biggest fish out of the group....within like 5 minutes of casting.  Yep.  I was pretty much meant to be a fisherman.  I'm sure Bass Pro will be calling me for my endorsement anytime now.

Check out that bass!
I enjoyed fishing so much that Scott got me my very own pole for my birthday!

Cute dress credit goes to the Kid.  And Reese gets credit for helping me open gifts :)
Scott and I traveled to Great Bend this weekend to celebrate birthdays and Mother's Day.  We've been quite the road warriors lately!  It was such a fun weekend full of a zoo trip, bike ride, yard games, great food, and a Dairy Queen birthday cake!

I also picked out these super cute Toms for my birthday.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

I'm counting down the days till my normal summer routine of sleeping in and laying pool side with my Sonic drink in hand! 8 days to go!

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