Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Big Announcement

This post relates to the previous "family game time" one, but definitely deserved its very own spot on the blog. 

Meet my mom's dad, my Papa, Mr. John Thompson Roberts

Some (his wife) would describe him as feisty....the rest of us would just agree that he's pretty unpredictable with his words.  So we were all at the edge of our seats when he entered the room with, "I have an announcement to make."  (dramatic pause) 

"Any grandchildren over the age of 10 are no longer allowed to call me Papa.  That makes me sound too old.  I'll go by Thompson."  Now of course this comment filled the air with gasps and questions, as he's been known as Papa for the last 28 years....but he simply stated his request and calmly went outside for a smoke.

Undoubtedly, this created laughs for the rest of the evening (and probably longer) as we joked about what else he'd prefer...J.T., T.R., and Thompson were all acceptable....however, Tommy was not. 

I hate to break it to him, but he will forever be the best PAPA around. 

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