Thursday, September 13, 2012

C & G's Pillows

I enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home over Labor day and I'd much rather blog than grade the stack of journals staring at me, so here I am.  My mom and I crafted some super cute pillows that I decided we could go into business and make bank on.  Of course our company name would be much more creative than C & G Pillows, but for now it will work. We used two old pillows that we'd had for years and turned them into the cutest throw pillows for my bed!  My bedding is black and white so we made our trip to Wal-Mart (3 trips to be exact) and came up with some black and turquoise fabric with some cute extras to make them pop.

Pillows before- Yes, the front one is made out of jeans :) 
I feel like time and time again I'm making disclaimers of not being a crafty person, but then I show up with another craft. So people, I'm not saying I'm great....but I craft.*  It's official.  We measured and cut the fabric and began sewing the new pillow cases.  Mom even gave me a lesson with the machine!

I'd be lying if I said I did the sewing.  I sat in that chair for maybe 10 minutes.
Once we my mom had the pillows sewn in the fabric, it was time for the fun part of adding pom fringe, flowers, and we even hot glued an old necklace to one.  This is when mom gave me multiple reminders that these are to be used as decorative pillows only.  I guess I can't use these for all my pillow fights. 

A closer look.
This guy also turned another year older while I was home!

*Don't be fooled, my mom did the majority of the sewing and was the true master mind behind the craft. 

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