Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Bash!

While on my three week hiatus from blogging, life has continued to fly by.  Look forward to hearing about my Spring Break happenings and a fun four day Easter weekend.  However, this post is dedicated to the recent birthday party for Sweet Reesie's one year! I'm sure Jana will post all the fun details once life slows down a bit for her, which never really seems to happen with two under the age of three.  But here's my brief version of the cutest girl on earth--

See what I mean? Cutest.Girl.On. Earth
Jana, as always, went above and beyond to throw the best birthday bash a one year old princess could ask for.

Complete with tutu highchair :) 
Sauder's motto for decor is always "go big or go home"

Sauder Girls 
Speaking of big celebrations.....Lola the Corolla (aka my car) turned over a huge milestone about a week ago.  Might as well be like a birthday.

100,000  miles had to be caught on camera! And yes, I've incriminated myself with the fact that my car was in motion while taking this pic.  Ssshhhhh. Happy Monday, everyone! 

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