Thursday, September 8, 2011

BBQ & Birthday Bash

The whole clan collected back in GB this weekend to celebrate Labor Day.  I arrived first out of the 3 of us on Friday evening and it was kind of strange for it to be me and the empty-nesters without The Kid home.  We enjoyed a great meal and an episode of 20/20.  I have no idea why I like that show; I hate anything scary, but love me some real life murder mystery.  College Barbie and Jana and her crew arrived on Saturday in time for us to celebrate my dad and Matt's birthdays. 

DQ ice cream cake...duh

Next, we had a "birthday party" at the infamous Walnut Bowl!  Jana and I thought this would be perfect for dad because every vacation or family outing he's always suggesting bowling.  Hindsight 20/20, I guess it's been a few years since he's said this because he mentioned needing to stretch before we headed to the alley.  Apparentely we should survey the crowd before partaking in rigorous physical activity such as bowling.  Now, we didn't want to have to fight a crowd or get there and be among the hundreds of bowling league teams and stuck without lanes, so Jana called to reserve two lanes for us.  I can't help but think the guy who took her call hung up the phone and just started laughing.  We forget what the booming metropolis of GB can be like....
The parking lot...keep in mind one of those cars is ours

They're even posting Wanted posters
Needless to say, we had the whole place to ourselves and had a blast!  I'm pretty hit or miss in bowling and have scored everything from 60 to 140.  This time around I was able to lead the pack with a whopping 132!! Here's the picture to prove it. 

Here are some other shots of our birthday bowling bash.

And why not top a post off with some cute pics of the cutest nephew ever!  Enjoy :)

Lesson learned...maybe just half an oreo next time

Isn't that the cutest diaper-butt you've ever seen?

I promise he wears pants...and smiles!

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