Monday, September 26, 2011

Corn Maze

As previously mentioned, I'm doing my best to embrace Fall, and what better way to do that than a corn maze? Thank you, Groupon, for allowing us to enjoy this event at half price.  I love groupon.  I'm currently waiting on "Alterations by Sarah" to finish hemming my pants for half price, also thanks to groupon....but back to the corn maze....

It's located near my school, so of course, I was lucky enough to spot a few students wandering around, but it was dark and they don't really expect to see their teachers out having a social life, so none of them even recognized me.  But I was definitely not avoiding any of them...not me....I'd love to smile and say hi on this Saturday evening....(A life goal of mine is to invent a sarcasm font)

Ok, back to the maze....I think we were under the impression of, "How hard can a corn maze really be?"

This hard...
 Here's Jessica making our plan of attack.  Through the cow udders, around the tractor, beside the silo and we're done.  Piece of cake.

After watching the "Corn Maze Safety Video" (seriously), we were given an activity page and on our way. 

Because we are rule followers, we filled out our activity page as we went.  Which actually ended up being a great guide for us to see if we'd been to certain places of the maze already. 

How do we read this map? Where the heck are we?

So are you dying to know just how hard this maze was?  Fifty-four minutes hard.  We were lost in the same general area for a good twenty minutes.  It was a good time!

Here I am saying "Embrace Fall", "Set out your pumpkins" blah, blah, blah...and it was over 80 degrees today.  Crazy Kansas.

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