Saturday, October 8, 2011

Color Me Mine

This past Thursday evening, my small group planned a Girl's Night Out for dinner and a pottery painting party.  I have the great priviledge of being a part of "The Squad" (a name that came about the first week and has stuck)  There are six of us that meet on Tuesday nights and share life together as we help to sharpen each other in our walks with God.  Below are some pics from our pottery adventures. 

So many options to choose from
Color Me Mine had an overwhelming selection of options and a wonderful Disney section, I might add.  It was harder for me to pick something because I don't drink coffee, so no real need for a mug....I don't have my own kitchen (thank you, cheap rent) so no colors to match or need for any kind of kitchen trinket. 

Due to my upbringing, I contemplated this....(if you know my Dad, this makes perfect sense)

However, I ended up with this little number...

It's hard to see what it is because of all the white, but it's a cute cupcake dessert plate.  You pick out your paint colors, brushes, grab a seat and get started!

Working hard
Others chose plates, bowls, spoon rest, platters....a wide variety.  It was so much fun to chat and laugh together as we painted our projects!  We even took a time out to go next door and grab some ice cream from Cold Stone.  (Girls after my own heart)

The almost finished product.  I ended up adding a darker blue to line the stripes of the cupcake.  Just gotta wait about a week for it to be fired and finished up :)

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the bathroom.  To say the owner of this place is talented would be the biggest understatement of the century.  The walls were painted with a Tangled theme and looked awesome!!

Here's the gang (minus Erica) with our painted pottery!

What a fun group of great girls!  It's time to plan our fun girls night for November!   

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  1. GENCH! That is so funny, one of the girls in your group, Mindy, I've known my whole life! Our moms were best friends growing up and when I was in about 2nd grade our families built houses right next to each other! My sister and I played with Mindy and her sister all growing up! So crazy