Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freshman Follies

My parents, grandparents, and I made another venture down to Cowboy Country this weekend to watch The Kid perform in the annual "Freshman Follies".  What is that you ask?  I've been asking the same thing for the past 3 months as Show-Biz Barbie has been preparing for this since September. 

Do they look alike, or what?
As much as I hate to admit it, everything seems bigger and much more elaborate, (notice I refuse to say better) at Oklahoma State.  Freshman Follies is a song and dance production for the Greek community.  A sorority is paired up with a fraternity, try-outs are held, and a lucky 15 from each house make the cut.  There are older people in the house who are the "directors" of the show, meaning they create the story-line that must be evident, write the songs, and choreograph the dances.  The show is decked out with full make-up, costume, props, etc. 

I feel like I can't even begin to accurately convey how big of a deal this show is.  They put nearly 250+ hours of rehearsal into it.  It's been practically impossible to get ahold of The Kid because she was always either headed to, currently at, or tired from being at "follies" practice.  I made sure she was going to get me a ticket to this grand event! 

Pi Phi was paired with Beta and their story was about 3 kids wandering in the forest who walk into a house of stone.  Everyone who goes into this house gets turned to stone and never make it out.  Most characters were 'stone', which entailed complete body paint,  black eyes, and creepy white rags.  (See pics below)

See what I mean?  Creepy was no understatement.  Pi Phi definitely had the best developed story-line and choreography.  And that is why.....they won!  I'm sure I don't understand how big of a deal this is, but I'm so proud of Creepy Stone Barbie and all her hard work!  Now hopefully you'll have time to sleep and call me back :)  Enjoy some more pics.

And in normal Sauder family fashion, we went out for ice-cream after the show to celebrate.

The Kid after all the make-up was washed off.

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