Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tis the Season

I just couldn't bring myself to title this post anything related to "Thanksgiving" due to the fact that it is now officially December. Crazy.  So know that this post is all about Thanksgiving, nothing about the Christmas season really.  A very deceiving title. 

With that out of the way, Thanksgiving break was great!  Yes, I can say 'break' because a joyous privilege of teaching little rugrats is that I still get multiple days off for Thanksgiving.  I personally apologize to all those out there who have "real jobs" and only received one day off.  I don't think I could ever work year round....not made for me. The Sauder clan, including Jana and Cade, who you'll be seeing many pictures of, made the trek down to Tulsa to be with my mom's side.  What a great time of  food, laughter, and even some daring Black Friday shopping!  This was really my first official venture out on Black Friday.  We went to Wal-Mart late Thursday night for me to get a new TV and Jana to get a little kitchen for Cade.  Notice our different seasons of life? :) We joked with Jana that everyone else waiting in line for these kitchens would be parents of girls....she didn't seem to mind. Cade is at the age where "imaginitve play" is important, so kitchen buying we did.  My mom still has a little kitchen that we all played with growing up and this entertained Cade for hours.  So I guess getting him is own kitchen for Christmas was not such a ridiculous idea.
Isn't he so cute!?
I'm going to interrupt my Thanksgiving post to brag on the cutest, smartest little boy ever.....Cade of course.  His latest thing is knowing people's names and giving kisses!  "Genchie" (Gentry) is one of my favorite words of his right now.  Whenever I enter the room he says it, so this solidifies the genius that he is.  Some adults can't even say my name.  We're not talking a basic "Mary" or "Sara", people.  Genius.  He's also very into giving long, almost seductive kisses....on the lips :) And when you laugh about it he just wants to pull you in and give you more. So cute!

Here are some pictures from our time in Tulsa and Great Bend.

Money-Manager Barbie balancing the checkbook...didn't know people still did this.

Cade and Aunt "Genchie"

Technology savvy Grandparents have a TV that plays 3-D movies
Three Blind Mice?

Even "Papa" enjoyed 3-D!

Cade is becoming quite a Momma's boy as he and Jana are best buds

See what I mean? Genius.

The Sauder girls

Grandmama made us all scarves to match our colleges

Cuddling with little Cader

A little out of order, but here's the Thanksgiving table

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  1. Landon has that same little striped long sleeve polo that Cade is wearing with the 3D glasses! So cute! Looks like some good family time