Monday, August 6, 2012

Classroom Crafting

I think taking classes this summer has kept me in "school mode" much more than any other summer.  In the past I've been out of town the majority of the season (spent about 4 days in Wichita last summer) so hanging around here in school has found me checking out classroom stuff on pinterest, which honestly disappoints me more often than not.  Sorry pinterest lovers, maybe I just don't get it.  I find myself annoyed that they never really explain how they created whatever it is or I see a million of the same thing.  I guess I'm just not a true crafter.  However, with that said, I did find one thing on a teacher's blog that I created.  It's a hanging file folder craft that I'm going to use to keep track of absent work.

I'll start with the end product picture because it might make more sense then.

  • File Folders (as many as you want- I have one for each class, 6)
  • Scrapbook paper for each folder
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Command hook
  • Laminating Machine
1. Attach scrapbook paper to front of file folders.  I used scrapbook tape.

2. Laminate each folder individually and cut out.
3. Hot glue the sides of each folder, keeping the top of the folder open. 
4. Line up folders on top of each other leaving desired amount at top (I left about 4 inches between each) and mark where you'd like them. 
5. Hot glue folders on top of each other where you've marked them. 
6. Label folders however you'd like.  I taped hot pink mini post-its with the class hours on mine.
7. Hot glue ribbon to folder and hang on command hook (or whatever you'd like). 

This is going to be where I place absent work for students to get when they come back.  Hopefully I will have invested enough time into creating it that I'll actually use it.  

Random, but seems fitting to include these two items I bought at for my classroom.
I took an amazing classroom management class that will seriously revolutionize my teaching (yep, bold statement). The instructor had this super cute popcorn ball and a great chime to bring the class back together, so I got online and purchased my own.  No more lingering of conversations in room D-2.  Next time you hear from me I'm sure I'll be wiping the sleep from my eyes, reporting back to school kicking and screaming....

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