Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up

Last week I took my final trip for the summer and enjoyed a week at Jana's to watch Cader while Jana and Matt worked basketball camp.  Check out Mr. Superman!
What?? You want more pics of the cutest kids on the planet....okay, if you insist.

A shout out to Reesie, who didn't get near enough face time on here last time.  So here's some more...

Cade and I played several rounds of hide-and-seek.  Underneath the kitchen table is his go to place.  I tried to encourage him to try out another spot, but he's a man of routine and wouldn't have it any other way.  We went out to the Legends one evening and ate dinner at this super cool T-Rex restaurant that I never even knew existed!  
They had the BEST guacamole bacon burger (complete with an onion ring on top) and yummy waffle fries that they totally should have talked up more.  They were the best 99 cent upgrade ever.  I ate the whole thing.  Shocker. 

Let's get back to this cool dude....

Check out this tech savvy guy....he can navigate his way through my IPhone quicker than I can.  He had my real camera and was sliding his finger across the screen trying to get the picture to change....genius. 
What's to come- well aside from reality in exactly one week....a classroom craft entry.  Get excited. 

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