Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Year Older

Happy 20th Birthday, Kid! (Wow....)                        

To the most beautiful Cowgirl around!  You sure do have a lot of nicknames--Malibu Barbie, Cowboy Barbie, (Heck...anything Barbie) because of how darn cute you are, but you will always be The Kid.  You are such an encouragement to me and you stretch me to love people well like you do!  If you don't have this gal as a friend, you are missing out because she is a great one!

It's always a guaranteed great time laughing and being silly when we spend time together!  
You're a great vacation buddy and are always up for a good time.  I wouldn't want to share the hotel bed with anyone else :)  Hawaii, here we come!  (T-minus 73ish days)
We've all been more than impressed with the way you're dominating college life and growing up so fast.  Words can't express what you mean to me as a sister and friend.  
Excited for a great Sauder Sisters Reunion next weekend.  Love you, Kid!

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