Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Back

I had been doing so good on blogging and keeping you all up-to-date on the latest...until September came, and then it very quickly.  I can't believe it is October, people.  Here's a very quick update--because I'm sure you've been dying for it ;)

I've done some fall cleaning...

I've had a very hard time finding a shoe organizer that I like and have room for in my closet.  This spinning one with pockets has been a keeper so far.  (Bed Bath and Beyond) 

Carved a pumpkin with friends
Sad to say, the pumpkin looked so great on the porch for less than a week because of all the rain we got here.  No complaints- just a nasty, soggy, moldy mess to throw away. 

The Kid (almost birthday girl) and I
This past weekend my mom came and stayed with me!  We shopped till we I dropped, ate out together, and we even went grocery shopping and she helped me make some meals to freeze.  Seriously, a great mom!  The next day we drove down to Stillwater to join in Cowboy Barbie's honor of being initiated into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  Had a fun time touring the place with her.  We couldn't go 100 feet before she'd stop and talk to someone she knew.  #socialbutterfly

All in all, life is good and going by fast! I'm really enjoying my students this year and my master's class is going well. Get excited for some future posts featuring a birthday shout out and an awesome meal planning website!

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