Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Magnificent Way to Make Meals!

Like the alliteration used in the title?? If that doesn't scream English teacher, I don't know what does...

I just completed my Action Research class for my masters where I had to choose a problem to study and create a paper/presentation over it.  The official question I researched was, "How will implementing a meal plan affect my budget and attitude?"  Now I hate to give up all my secrets, but I'm no great cook.  Three+ years out of college and I'm still no Betty Crocker.  This research project allowed me to discover the BEST meal planning website ever.  Seriously, best.ever.

You have to create an account, but it's FREE!  It will try to get you to upgrade to some better version for a price, but click no thanks at the bottom.  The site can link to your local grocery store (Dillons, Super Target, Homeland were the ones I was familiar with) and then it will let you know what items are on sale at your store for things you'd need in the recipes you select.

My favorite thing about this site is the plethora of recipes.  You select the types of food and dishes you like, then scroll through the many options of meals.  They include prep time, ingredients, recipes, sale items, ratings, etc.  At the end it allows you to print your grocery list (that they generate), recipes, and meals.  They also have an app for the Iphone.  Search "Food on the Table"

Here's the awesome website:

Enjoy! :)

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