Saturday, November 3, 2012

This and That

I'm almost positive if I were to dig back through the archives I've got another post titled "This and That" somewhere, but let's get past my lack of creativity and catch up on life via pictures.  A few weeks ago the Sauder clan met up in the Bend and enjoyed a weekend together.

The last week has been a fun one filled with enjoying events at the Intrust Arena here in Wichita.  The roomies and I hit the court and posed as some of the biggest OKC Thunder fans ever.  We had great seats behind the goal and were in the section that received the blow up paddle know what I mean, right?  Those bright yellow obnoxious things you bang together when the other team shoots free throws. We loved it, but not as much as the boy sitting behind us who scared us everytime he drilled his together.
Go Thunder!

Kevin tall
My second outing had me at the Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes concert with my parents.  My dad's business went for an early Christmas party and I lucked out with the extra ticket.  I gotta say, I'm not a huge Carrie Underwood fan, but after listening to her live, she really is very talented.  It was definitely over the top with at least five outfit changes and a crazy cool stage that floated over the crowd.

Ya, that's a portion of her stage transformed into a hot air balloon flying over the crowd.

Beach balls and confetti....she knows how to party.
 Christmas decorations are officially out and I'm counting down to Thanksgiving break.  Not that I'm really dying for a break or anything, I really do think I've got my favorite group of kids this year....but who complains about days off?  Happy fall to you all!

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