Monday, March 11, 2013

Road Trip

The Sauder's hit the road to Dallas this past weekend for a wedding.  I graduated high school with the bride (eight years ago!) and our parents are good friends.  We're all spread out just enough that mom and dad left the earliest and picked me up in Wichita, then we traveled down to Stillwater and met up with Cowgirl Barbie.  I jumped in her car and we followed the parentals the rest of the way so we'd have room to pick Grandma Sauder up in Texas from her 6 month stay with her daughters.

The Kid is a great road trip buddy!  She always introduces me to new music--we kept updated on the KState vs. OSU game and sadly the bad guys won! 
Here we are all dolled up!
Aren't my parents just the cutest?!
Target nude heels are a must have! And my prepared mom had snacks and toll money for us. 
Never a dull moment with this crew!  It was a quick trip, but a very fun one!  Sorry, no actual pictures of the wedding or even the bride (oops), but she looked beautiful! Lot's of excitement in life right now--new classes starting up for my masters, Bachelor Finale tonight, and Spring Break next week!! (Surely you can hear my excitement through the exclamation points!) 

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