Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'

How can it be that we're already halfway through June!? This is the panic of a school teacher watching summer slip through her fingers....

You better believe I will soak up setting my alarm for 9am, hitting up Sonic in the middle of the day, and basking in the sun's heat pool side as much as I can :)

It's become my daily routine to try to get school work done in the mornings.  But you can see in the picture who my biggest distractions are.  Kelly and Michael are stinkin' hilarious.  Michael's been on vacation this past week and the guest co-hosts have just not been the same for me.  I've decided she definitely has the best job EVER.  Someone else does her hair and makeup, she gets to wear the cutest stuff, just talk about her life, meet crazy famous people, and attend all kinds of important events.  Also, have you seen the man she's married to?!
Meet Mark Consuelos
So basically I'm saying, if I had to work year round, I might as well be a daytime talk show host :)

Feast your eyes on my greatest summer purchase...
I read about this Mio on another blog and snagged me some at Wal-Mart for just $3.48.  I'm one who always wants to drink more water (less pop...blah blah blah), but I just get so sick of plain water.  This is the yummiest, easiest flavor thing ever!  Much better than those silly powders that never fully dissolve.  Just put a few squirts of this (Berry Blast is the only one I've tried, but you better believe all their other flavors are on my shopping list) and you will think you're basically sipping an Ocean Water from Sonic.  (Yes, I know I reference Sonic like an addict...if the shoe fits...) I do think this will help me drink less pop.  Or at least I'm making it past 10am before drinking a pop.  Seriously, if you haven't tried this you're missing out. That's all for now.  Keep on keepin' on.

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