Monday, July 1, 2013

The Only Sooner Post I'll Ever Make...

 WARNING! The following views expressed in this publication are those of the pictured and do not necessarily not at all represent the official poster (me).  You're about to see plenty of crimson and cream, but please let me remind you that purple runs through my veins.  :)

 My cousin, Zach, will be a Senior this fall at OU and he has a sweet gig working for Sooner Vision.  He helps run the cameras for OU sports and has even worked with ESPN!  The extended family all united in Norman recently and we got a backstage tour of where the magic happens.  

We found a few props along the tour and of course, had some fun.  Like these microphones used for our own mock interviews.

We may have also come across a few OU friends along the way.  Now, of course my Wildcat ways would not consider these men friends...but Nathan and Matt sure didn't mind getting up close and personal.

A green screen for shooting
With the help of this wig we found, I'm impersonating a Sooner fan :) 
Nathan trying to prove to us that an alarm will sound if someone steps on their coveted field. Please.  Though I must admit I freaked out just a bit when my flip flop blew down closer to the field and I had to scramble to grab it.  No alarm.  Safe. 

Dad pointing out the Oklahoma State license plate spotted on campus
  We spent a day down at Bricktown and enjoyed a boat ride tour along the river. 

Closest we got to a group pic.  Only missing a few of us
We made a stop by the OKC National Memorial.  Very sobering. 
Found our own corner of the lobby for game night
Lots of statues along the river

What's a summer post without a Sonic reference?!  I was told this location was Sonic Headquarters.  They actually had a restaurant inside where you ordered and could sit down and eat.  Sonic dreams complete.  
Cade and Reese are great entertainers
Pool time
And because I just can't end a Sooner post any other way...I leave you with this :) 

Future Wildcats!

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