Sunday, July 6, 2014

Carillon Beach, Florida Vacay

A few weeks ago my family enjoyed a fabulous beach vacation!  The trip was full of all things good including endless hours on the beach and best of all, Scott and I's engagement!  The proposal story really deserves a blog post of its own because he did that great of a job planning things out long in advance and including all of my family in on the fun.  So look forward to that in the near future.

The easiest (and probably most enjoyable) way to summarize this awesome week is through pictures.  So know that we had a fabulous time full of great food, lots of laughs, sunning, shopping, and staying up late!  Without further ado, here are my favorite people at my favorite place!

Our Beach house...Casa Del Sol.  Walking distance from the beach. 
First night in town.  We enjoyed dinner on the beach. 
Delicious seafood with my future hubby!
All packed up to head to the beach!
The parentals posing at a shopping area across from our house. 
Jana had done her research and she and Matt provided a day of fun at Gulf World! 
Scott and Matt deemed this day "Suns out Guns out" and sported tank tops. 
We spent a few evenings after dark crab hunting.  Scott truly is the "Crocodile Dundee" of the family; always catching some kind of animal and impressing us all with his reptile-whispering ways.  I'm certain we're up for some adventures ahead! The crab hunting was actually very fun!  These crazy little, white crabs flock to the sand after sundown.  Each night we easily caught a few in no time.  Scott really wanted to bring them back to the house and examine them up close (can you tell he's a science teacher??), but lucky for us Art wasn't the best at keeping them in the bucket.  I believe it was Matt who said, "Um....a crab has escaped...and is right by Gentry's foot."

Scott and I did not regret our beach hat purchases prior to vacation. 
What can we say, we like to eat! 
Love these people! 
What makes a happier couple than a pirate and a mermaid??
How lucky am I?!
The day after we got engaged, Scott and I drove to nearby Seaside to enjoy the day together. 
He's such a trooper, letting us bury him in the sand.  I made him pose by the Trophy Husband shirt.  He's far too humble to ever let me buy him something like that. I'd like to think I'm far too humble to let him buy me a trophy wife shirt.....the verdict could still be out. ;)

Engaged June 18, 2014 Carillon Beach, Florida
While on the trip, Sweet Reese confessed her love for Scott.  It was the cutest thing ever.  The kids really do love him and run right past me to play with him...which I'm fine with.  What's  not to love about him?

Keep your eyes peeled for The Proposal post.  It will have you thinking, "is this an episode of The Bachelor"??  He's so creative and definitely carried out an unforgettable day.


  1. Loved this recap and anxiously awaiting the proposal post although I already made Jana tell me part of it. I bought Chris that Trophy Husband shirt a couple years ago. He's never worn it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! That's hilarious you got Chris that shirt! :)