Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cowboy Country

At first I was in denial that The Kid wasn't going to go to K-State....who wouldn't want to be 7-0 in football, wear purple, sway back and forth doing the Wabash, and chant K....S.....U....Wildcats!? Sounds like a stinkin' great place to me!

I would NEVER be the one with her on her campus visit for OSU comparing everything to Manhappiness.  I would never think of saying, "Yeah, K-State has that too..." or "Orange would be nice... if you're in prison or celebrating Halloween..." Nope, not me...never. 

(Insert sarcasm font for the above paragraph)

However, it seems that a few months in and The Kid is loving life in Cowboy Country!  Jana, my mom, and grandparents and I visited her this past weekend and were able to see that nothing has changed.  MaKenzie is still the social butterfly she's always been.  Her dorm room seems to be the social hot spot for the floor, she's stopping and chatting with all the people she knows on campus, and busy running off to the next thing she's involved in.  I think it's safe to say she's adjusting well to college life....and looks pretty cute in that prison orange.  :)

First stop was some lunch at Mexico Joe's....give me some yummy mexican food and a Diet Dr. Pepper and I'm a happy camper.

The Kid was a great tour guide for the town.  She took us around to some cute shops, because of course, she's still just as cute and stylish in Stillwater as she was in GB.  We walked around campus and took in Theta pond and the library lawn.  A very pretty campus, but they've got nothing on the beauty of limestone at K-State. :) 

The weather was gorgeous down there!  Needless to say, I did not need my sweater, scarf, jeans, and tall brown boots....but all 3 of us showed up on Friday with the "boots memo".

Here's The Kid in her dorm room.  It's still so weird to me that she's in college!  We are getting old...

The weekend we visited was also the weekend for her initiation into Pi Phi.  Now Jana and I were both Gamma Phi's at K-State so this whole arrow and angel thing is new to us.  But it was so neat to be at the reception after her initiation and meet all of her friends and tour the house. 

Of course, Jana and I tried to pry some sorority secrets out of MaKenzie, but fear not any Pi Phi fanatics out there, she wouldn't crack.  I'm hoping we'll wear her down over time....all-in-all, a great weekend!  Thanks for the tour, Kid!

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  1. Love this blog post! I, of course, agree with you that KSU would have been a better choice but sometimes people just don't listen. :) LOVE the boots picture. You girls have always been the most stylish. I credit your mama, she's great!