Friday, March 2, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

Well, I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a bit, but don't worry, I'm back!  Between baby showers, wedding showers, visits back to the Bend, and'd think I'd have  more blogging material now than ever before.  I think I've just hit a writer's block and have been mulling over my next big entry.  Low expectations, people. 

Aunt Genchie has had some great Cader time!
Two weekends ago Jana and I both had parent/teacher conferences which meant no school that Friday so we met up in GB.  Cade unfortunately wasn't feeling good that weekend, but always good to see him nonetheless.  Last weekend, we all met up in KC for a baby GIRL shower for Jana. Ironically, I found my camera charger!!! (in the outside pocket of a suitcase) then I went off to KC and left it at home. Seriously?! So go to Jana's blog to see pics of her cute baby shower when she posts about that.  It was so fun to see a pink baby room and to hear Cade walk in there and say, "Where's baby?"  I think he'll make a great big brother.  Of course, that's after he adjusts to the fact that he's no longer the center of attention. As my dad says, "Straaaange things are happening to me...." (Tune from Toy Story when Woody gets the boot to Buzz) haha. 

Right now, life has me preparing for my best friend's wedding. (Not the movie, real life) Meet my best friend, Chyla.
Chy Chy and I met our very first day of college at our sorority's bid day back in 2005.  She is tying the knot in May and I have the wonderful privilege of being her maid of honor!  She moved to Tulsa after college and her groom-to-be is bringing her back to Kansas.  Can't wait!

On a much less exciting note, my kiddos are getting ready to take the Reading State Assessments this coming Monday-Wednesday.  We've been preparing for a very long time now....hoping they do great!  Hope you all have a relaxing weekend ahead of you. 

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