Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Perfect Sunday

This past Sunday, Jana's husband, Matt, came to Wichita for a recruiting trip and Jana and Cade came along for the ride to hang out with me!  It made for a perfect Sunday afternoon as we watched "Woody" as Cade says (Toy Story), made a pallet on the floor to snuggle and nap, and Jana and I watched some episodes of Castle.  So basically when you take some of my favorite people, favorite TV show, and favorite activity (napping) and roll them all together, it makes for a great day! 

Here we are snuggling with monkey and "B"...his blankie.  You always run the risk of having to make a tent when you get blankets out in front of Cade.  Luckily we were able to talk him into snuggling instead. 

Cade is at that fun stage where he's so active and such an explorer!  He still loves dogs and remembered that we had a dog magnet on our fridge from his last visit.

Jana is going through what she's calling a "mid-life crisis" and is desiring to put streaks of fun color in her blue.

No worries....this is only fake clip-in hair, but I've let her know that I'm in full support of this phase.  Matt, however, is not.  I mentioned her desire to my hair dresser who told me how terribly hard it would be to get blue out of hair.  She suggested a violet color that would then fade into a brown.  I'll keep ya posted on what that soon-to-be mommy of two does.

Excited to meet little Reese in two weeks!
It was so fun for them to stop by and spend the afternoon with me.  Was a nice glimpse of what it'd be like to live in the same town.  Maybe some day...

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