Friday, March 30, 2012

She's Here!

The much anticipated Reese Ann Marie Keeley is here!! Jana has her full birth story on her blog, so I'll just leave you with the best!
I showed the above picture to my students telling them what I did over Spring Break and a boy said, "Wow Miss Sauder, your sister looks just like you."  I let him know that that was me in the picture. Oh 12 year olds...

She sports pink very well.

Doesn't Jana look great!

Despite Jana being in a hospital bed, I feel like this pic could be framed & all!

The fam minus Malibu Barbie aka MaKenzie

I'll tag some random ramblings to the end of this post.  The weather has been absolutely incredible lately!  I've tried to get my pasty-white self outside some, if even just to sit and read for a bit.  A student asked me the other day if I've been tanning; I wanted to jump up and hug her.  Thank you for noticing a very slight, tiny glimpse of what may be browning skin.  I might just adjust your grade..... :)

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