Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cajun Country Part I

So I just got back from my week in New Orleans and amazing just doesn't do it justice.  Our group of around 100 students and leaders met up with 5,400 other students from around the country for the Evangelical Free Church Association national conference.  Which is basically huge lingo for an awesome week of praising and worshipping God with the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Him through great speakers, workshops, and fabulous worship with Kristian Stanfill (check him out!) I got to go as a bit of a last minute stand-in for a leader and boy did God know I needed to be there.  It was such a fun, encouraging, sharpening time with great people! 

We took a couple of charter buses 15+ hours down to Cajun Country a day before the conference started so we could do a swamp tour and get in some sight-seeing.  During the tour we were on a boat similar to this...

except without the shade hot and humid country....made for a great sunbathing afternoon!

We got to see a decent number of these...and it turns out they feed them marshmellows & hot dogs.  Intimidating, right?

Not my ideal vacation spot, but I'm sure it's perfect for some people.

Meet  our tour guide,Captain Mike, a man of very few words.  We had to nearly drag information out of him, but I think he warmed up to us.

Yes, that's me holding a baby alligator.  I'm planning on using this picture in my "Meet Miss Sauder" slide show at the beginning of the year to put off the "I'm cool and adventurous vibe".  Sometimes with Language Arts you gotta rope 'em in anyway you can. 

We stayed at the Hilton Riverside right off of the Mississippi river and the girls I roomed with and myself totally lucked out to be in a suite.  We wanted all the girls on the same floor and they were one room short so they offered us the suite.  I'm not 100% sure that's how it went down, but all I know is I got to stay in this massive room for the week.

Large kitchen area

Large open table area that was perfect for game playing, dance parties, and eating pizza.

Living area with our beds.

We had an awesome view that overlooked the Mississippi River

More pics and stories to come! What a great week! 


  1. Looks like fun! You mean you aren't cool and adventurous?! :)

  2. Kristian Stanfill grew up at my church in Atlanta! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, student ministry is the best!


    1. Angie!! Hey! That is so cool...I absolutely loved him leading worship. Amazing. Hope you're doing well.