Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's in a Name?

So, I'll throw it out there...my name is unique, different, original, let's see...what else do people say after just introducing myself?  Oh yes, here's a good one, "Uh..wow, I've never heard that before."  What do you say to that, people.  Thanks?  Don't get me wrong, I love my name!  Now granted, I did go through the phase when I was little of just wanting to be able to see my name on a key chain or pencil, but I really wouldn't want any other name.  I love that when you Google my first and last name I'm the only one!  Seriously, everything that pops up is about ME.  I'm sure my mom is worried that millions a few people are now googling my name and finding out  that I won the Outstanding Future Teacher Award at K-State, traveled to Brazil in college, attended Great Bend Middle School...whatever else you want to find out.  By all means, no secrets here...google away. (Sounds highly inappropriate)  Better yet, Google yourself...(even more inappropriate?)

Anyway, all that to say, I love my name and would like to someday give my kids original names as well.*

There are definitely difficulties introducing myself to new people and trying to get them to understand that yes, Gentry is indeed my first name, Gentry is my FULL name, not Jen (first name) Tree (last name), etc.  But lately I feel like there have been extra hilarious name mix ups that were just too funny not to share.

1. I served sorbet at the wedding reception of my best friend, Chyla last weekend and I was able to meet a lot of people, which yes, means you have to introduce yourself and say your name.  There was the cutest older couple who were hard of hearing and I said, "Hi, I'm Gentry Sauder" and received a moment of blank stares in return.  Then the cute lady leans to her husband and says, "This is Gentry's daughter.  Do you know Gentry?"  He thinks about it and of course replies no because I'M Gentry and they've never met me before.  I should have just left it at that and sent them on their merry little way, but I decide to try to clear it up.  "Well, I'm Gentry, that's my name."  "Sentry?" This is when I just decided to smile, shake my head yes, and keep the line moving.

2. I just got back from spending a few days in KC with Jana and her cute kiddos where I enlisted her help in filming an "About Me" video to post for one of my classes.  Naturally, you have to introduce yourself and after we filmed the like 12 second thing we played it back and Jana kindly suggested I do a better job of enunciating my name since these people wouldn't know me.  We immediately both busted up laughing because it's my name, been that way for 25 yrs now, and apparently I still need some help pronouncing it correctly :)  Needless to say, we re-filmed it multiple times and I was super self-conscious when it came time to say my name.  How about I just be Sara for this class??

3.  Jessica #2 and I together sponsor a child from India and we got our first letter from her the other day.  It's addressed to drum roll... Mr. Sauder Gentry.....now that's a new one!  (Reminds me of Miss Chanendelor Bong, anyone seen that Friends episode??)

*maybe I'll someday use some of these crazy celebrity baby names.  I think my favorite is Pilot Inspektor....Gentry is sounding more and more normal.


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  2. We steal that TV guide every week!

  3. Um I'm going to go ahead and say YES I've seen that Friends episode! And every other one in existence in our sweet pad on Boyd 4. So great, Mr. Sauder Gentry.