Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Team U.S.A.

I LOVE the Olympics!  The commercials alone get me excited and fill me with cheesy inspiration.  Who doesn't get motivated to stand up and cheer or join in with the national anthem?? I love the idea of anything with a team coming together, sharing a common goal and hello...that's what the Olympics are all about.  I just might even wear my red American flag shirt for the opening ceremonies.  (Seriously)

I'm most excited for......

these Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.  Swimming is already my favorite Olympic event and these two should make it even more entertaining.  They have two races together (400 IM and 200 IM) and supposedly they're going to be the closest. races. ever.  They've trained together for years and say they have a great friendship...we'll see about that come race time.  Bring it on, boys!

I swam in high school  (and the summer youth club if you count that) so this is the one sport I follow and understand.  My Sophomore year my coach put me in the 200 IM (Down and back of all 4 strokes) and I thought I was going to die.  Not my greatest moment, people.  The worst part was it seemed to take my coach a couple times of me doing this race to see that I was not our best pick.  Awful.  But on a much brighter note, three other girls and myself still hold the school record for the 400 freestyle relay. (Last I knew) Impressive, right?  My dad still loves to walk by the marque with our names whenever we're in the high school gym...I may like to do that too...  Oh the glory days.  I'm not sure I could swim down and back without gasping for air right now....

Anyway, it's crazy to think about where life had me last Olympics, four years ago.  I was entering my Senior year at K-State, totally unsure of what I'd do or where I'd be after graduation.  God really has been faithful.  Who knows what will be going on in 2016?? Kinda fun to think about...enjoy the games!

(again, no idea why the silly thing is white....ugh)

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