Saturday, February 9, 2013

Titles are Overrated

Hello've come so quickly and with hopes of an early Spring!  Thank you, Groundhog Phil.  Although others may doubt your reliability beings that you're a furry little thing, I trust the track record of success you've had since 1887.  (Yes, I may have done my groundhog research.)

So...with hopes of early warm weather, why not be spontaneous for the year 2013 and book a cruise with your very fun travel agent aunt, and extended family?? Yep! I've got my plane ticket and I'm on board this little number in May for a three day cruise.

The cruise is over my birthday, so why not celebrate the big 2-6 in the Bahamas!*  

As for my 2013 goals-- I'd say they're going ok.  Well, I had to read that entry to remind myself of what my goals were, so maybe they're not going that well.  Sending cards, yes.  Drinking less pop and working out, not even close.  One year Bible, yes.  Reading more books in general....I'll have to count my master's class textbook for now.  

All in all, it's been a good 2013!  Now just to make it through parent/teacher conferences next week and enjoy a four day weekend.  

*If you've seen a trend that I only vacation in warm places, you'd be correct. 

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