Monday, February 11, 2013


Last weekend I got to go back and visit one of the greatest places on Earth...good ol' Manhattan, KS.  My bff, Chyla,  and her husband live there so it made for an extra special weekend to stay with them in their adorable house.

It was so fun and also a bit weird to be back in the land of purple.  College seems like a whole lifetime ago and realizing that I've almost been in Wichita for as long as I was in Manhattan is crazy.  We hit the hot spots of boutiques in Aggie Ville, Rock-a-Belly Deli (yum), Sonic happy hour (that's a hot spot for me regardless the city), drove through campus, and even tried to get a tour of Gamma Phi.  On our way over there I told Chyla that no one would answer the doorbell...and I totally called it.  Turns out there are some things that don't change over time and g-phis being lazy too busy studying on a Saturday to answer the door is one of them.  Maybe next time.

I'm blurry for some reason...
There's a decent number of my good friends from college still in Manhattan working for a campus ministry so we all got together for dinner Saturday night.  I totally failed and forgot to get a pic of us--we were too busy catching up. sharing stories, and laughing.  Love you girls! And thanks Cooper's for the extra bedroom :)

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