Monday, May 14, 2012

Whirlwind Weekends

Wow...I've been keeping the road hot these past three weekends and have so many pictures and stories to share with you all!  The easy route would be to just dump all the pictures and let them do the talking, but I'd hate to deprive you all of my wordy story-telling.  So I'll do my best to keep it brief, but still get the details to you.  Let's start with trips to KC to get this girl married off....

Mrs. Cooper!
Honestly, this is really the only picture I got of the two of us that day, and what a fabulous day that was!  She could not have been a more chill, laid back, beautiful bride.  Things went so smoothly & everything was gorgeous.  (Again, sorry, no pics)  Turns out when you're in the wedding party, you seem to get fewer pictures of it all.

Rehearsal Dinner
Scheduling could not have worked any better.  This same weekend in KC, Cade Man turned TWO!  Jana and Matt threw a great BBQ at the park for this very special day. 

Gift Time

Family traveled from Tulsa for this big event!
The Aunts with Jana and Miss Reese
 This past weekend we all met back up in Great Bend to celebrate the best Mother in the world!  Happy Mother's Day, Mom. 
She's sporting her garden bench we got her.

A bit more formal here.  Got to celebrate Grandma Sauder also! She turned 92!

Happy Mother's Day to another champion Mom!

Look at that precious OSU cowgirl...don't worry, she's got a Willie shirt too!

Oh yeah, I turned another year older in there too.  The big Two-Five!
 Phew! Well I think that gets us all caught up for the moment.  Current summer break countdown: 5.5 days!  Grad classes started today and I've already had a near panic attack at the amount of reading.  Yikes.

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