Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cruisin' Part 2

I was finally able to get my pictures from my camera onto my computer for the rest of my cruise pics.  I'm totally the, "I have an IPhone, why do I need a camera?" person.  I should mention the Disney Cruise all started because my aunt has a travel agency where she specializes in Disney vacations.  Let her help you make your next vacation magical! Check out her website here!

We spent an evening at Disney celebrating May & summer birthdays

The Birthday Crew

Boat ride to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

Sail away party with all the characters

Dinner time! :)

My mouth waters just thinking about these meals.

Ignore the handkerchief headband, it was pirate night.

My aunt and I's favorite evening activity.  Pink was the cutest champagne bar!

All in all...a fabulous trip!! I'm sure you all are sick of hearing me talk about good ol' summer time, but in case you forgot, I'm enjoying time off and a regular at Sonic for their peanut butter fudge shakes after 8.  Seriously, go get one. And then somebody try the peanut butter bacon & let me know.  I'm too scared to get it.  

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