Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Happy 30th Birthday to my older sister, Jana!! So, she's not really flirty, as she's been happily married for almost eight years.  But...surely some of you caught on to my Thirteen Going on Thirty quote, and she is definitely thriving! :)

Here's a tribute to the birthday girl--

Thirty Reasons to Love Jana!

(in no particular order) 

30.  She let's me borrow her Friends Dvd's to watch at night :)
29.  She's one of the greatest moms out there!  Seriously, her kids adore her
28.  She has a very large capacity...she's known to say yes to random things 
27.  She's a regular at the zoo and any other fun, unique place with her kids
26.  She gives great advice!
25.  She's always available (Remember my summer in Brazil when I never slept and we'd have phone dates??)
24.  She likes a good glass of wine now and then :)
23.  She randomly busts out toe touches (hasn't been a cheerleader for over 10 yrs) Impressive.
22.  She uses just the right emoticon at just the right time 
21.  She loves the pool and the beach
20.  She's a great teacher who has the patience to teach 12 yr old boys how to sew 
19.  She makes for a great phone date on commutes home from school
18.  She's always giving me great new recipes
17.  She lets me sleep with her if Matt's out of town when I visit
16.  She brought the two into the world
15.  We have several inside jokes to laugh about
14.  She loves Dairy Queen ice cream cakes 
13.  She's ambitious with her crafts (totally re-doing her bathroom right now)
12.  She's a very efficient shopper (don't have to "shop till I drop" with her)
11.  She made me an aunt
10.  We can still laugh about "She'll have pretzels" years later.  (see #15)
9.    She's taught me to be annoyed by the "just calling to say hi" voice mails 
8.    She plans fun things for us to do when I come to town
7.    She follows all kinds of sports news (and is shocked when I don't know who someone is)
6.    She's great to "collaborate" on school stuff together
5.    She's a night owl
4.    She's a nurturer to her kids
3.   She's a great example of a woman following after God
2.   We have 26 years of memories together
1.    She's my BGF (Best Girl Friend)  

Love you, Jana!  Have a fabulous day!


  1. Oh wow! You're too kind. Gentry, I appreciate this. You brought tears to my eyes. And it's ok that you probably had to think pretty hard to get 30! Better start now on mom's 57. :)

  2. I couldn't agree more with all 30 of these. Except perhaps the pretzel one since of course I have no idea what you are talking about! :)

  3. I think mom's going to be 56? No?? Trophy wife, if you want a good laugh, ask Jana about the pretzels story :)