Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Normals

We've successfully moved into our new place and now it's time to create new norms for life.  You know, the annoying stuff like finding a new grocery store.  I'm a small store snob and hate to have to navigate the aisles with several other people toting around their screaming kids (no offense people...just not my current phase of life), so I've been a huge fan of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets.  Smaller parking lot, fewer people, familiar layout, I like.  I've got one 2.7 miles from my house.  I'll take it.

I've been making trips out to my new classroom to set things up.  So far I've timed it at around 14 minutes from our place; we'll see what morning school traffic adds.  I imagine the commute might look a little different when I'm on the road before 11am, but why rush things just yet? T-minus 16 days. The room is really coming around and feeling like my own space.  I'm one who has to invest a chunk of time in a place for it to feel familiar and comfortable to me.  I'd say I'm accomplishing that in room 610.  Pics to come in a future post.

We've had two visitors in our new place.  Jana entrusted the kiddos to Matt for a night and we enjoyed some girl time.  If you checked out my Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving list for her birthday, I would have to add that she is a very hard worker!  Seriously.  You can tell she's a mom of two little ones and is used to going non-stop because she helped me knock out hanging all of our decorations in the house and we crossed off a lot of things in my classroom.

If you check out Jana's blog or follow me on Instagram ( totally should!) then you've seen this before.  But know that we enjoyed a Sonic picnic in the park, worked hard, and enjoyed a night out together!  Thanks for coming, Jana!

Then a good friend of mine from college, Ellie, came to visit.  We enjoyed a dinner out and some chocolates and hot cocoa at Cocoa Dolce.
Yes, hot cocoa in the summer.  But in our defense, we had a crazy rain storm where the weather dipped into the low 70's.  It's been a good week adjusting to the place and creating new normals.

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