Monday, December 5, 2011

A Day of Craftiness

As previously mentioned, DIY projects aren't always my thing.  However, this day of craft for the Sauder girls was very successful, if I do say so myself.  (Which I do.)  Crafty Barbie had seen the idea of making headbands on pinterest.  Which I hate to admit, I don't really even understand, but I've heard it's the newest, coolest thing.  So over Thanksgiving, my mom, The Kid, and I crafted it up. 

It's not very often (like never) that I'll use this blog as a platform for my wonderful "how-to" segments.  So pull up a seat and take notes.  First you buy some of your favorite fabrics, elastic, and any buttons, gems, or bling you want to accessorize.

You'll need a hot-glue gun, sewing machine (for basic sewing), iron, and some patience :) It helps to have a template, or a strip of fabric, cut out that fits around your head to use to cut out your fabrics.  After cutting out your strip of fabric, use the iron to crease the edges up to make it easier to sew. 

Honestly, this is when I'd pass the ironed strip to my mom for her to sew, so I'm not quite sure how to sew it.  Just run that strip of fabric through to sew the ironed edges down.  Next, sew in a piece of elastic to connect the ends of the strip. 

Finally you get to bedazzle the headband with flowers and buttons or jewels.  For this you take a different colored fabric strip and roll it up or fan it out how you like it.  There's really no right or wrong way to create the flowers.  You just need to hot-glue the fabric as you go to keep it together.  Then glue that to your headband.  Enough of me trying to explain this....check out pictures.

Mom with a finished product

The cheetah line

My day's worth of crafting

Now some of you lucky readers out there might be receiving one of these priceless, beautiful products for act surprised :)  Put your sweats on, get some yummy hot chocolate and stay in for a day of crafts!

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