Monday, January 9, 2012

The Guessing Game

I've officially vacated the BP and moved into my new place (a name to come when it's created...the BP2? Suggestions are welcome.)  What other way to avoid unpacking all my junk then to play a little game.  The guessing game.  Let's guess some of the things I found in the depths of my closet while packing up.  Clothes, shoes, gift bags and wrapping paper, arts & crafts supplies, etc. All of these things seem very normal, and yes, were found in my closet.  Then came the dark, back section of the closet that had probably been untouched since the first day I moved in there two years ago, except for the occassional throw of random stuff to the "cave".  I don't think you'll guess these items, so I'll just show you the pictures for proof that yes, I own the following items for one reason or another....

Our first item

A sparkly vest...yep
I had totally forgot I had this little beauty!  I took it from the "Crescent Cutie" closet at Gamma Phi.  The CC is a closet full of dress up clothes and random items for date parties or just that Friday afternoon where you felt like dressing up in crazy clothes to take your friends to class.  Good ol' college.

Check this out...

Tacky Christmas vest, pirate swords, and some Hawaiian gear
Yes, all of the above was found in my closet.  Here's the icing on the cake....

Me displaying these items in my lovely sweats
No shame here, people.  Among these precious items I found pirate accessories (you know, eye patch, hook, gold hoop earrings, etc) and a lovely Hawaiian dress.  I hate to admit that I threw all of this away.  At the time I didn't want to mess with moving it, but now I'm wishing I had kept them.  You never know when you need a plastic sword.  Look forward to pics of the new place, without my address of course, thanks Papa. ;)   

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