Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Humble Abode

We still don't have a name for the new place yet and that bothers me because I love naming things.  Every car I've ever owned has had a name:  Anita Acclaim, Dexter the Taurus, and now Lola the Corolla.  So...gotta get a name.

Before I share pics of the unnamed place, here's a side note.  Remember these lovely things?  Here I was so quick to chuck that crap stuff out the window and what email do I get at school today? A memo that Friday is "Beach Day" at school.  Wear your shorts, flip flops, and tacky Hawaiian shirts to jazz it up in the middle of winter.  I'm immediately ticked at myself because I just THREW AWAY multiple leis and a Hawaiian dress thinking, "where in the world would I ever wear these?" work...duh. Grrr

On with the show.  I forgot to take a picture of the outside and now I can't find my camera charger since moving and the cameras dead.  So this could very well be my last post for awhile.  Who likes a blog without pictures?!

The fam was in town this past weekend and were so great at helping me pick things out and hang them up.  Our biggest surprise was how much of a perfectionist my dad was with hanging things.  We're talking tape measurer, level, pencil mark on the wall, and multiple forms of affirmation that yes, it is straight.  If you know my dad, he's the first to admit he's not a "details" guy so that was shocking...and a bit annoying to Jana :)

Finished wall arrangement.  This is my favorite part of the living room!  The shelves and square pieces are all metal from Hobby Lobby (50% off, yes please) The blue sign on the top was a housewarming gift from my mom.  It says, "God bless this home" and has cute birds on it.

I've mentioned numerous times how crafty and creative my mom is.  She made a center piece for our kitchen table.  Brightens up the place.

Bigger shot of dining area.  I'm now realizing these are not great shots and don't really do the place justice.  I've never really been a great photographer.

Kitchen shot.  The highlight of the kitchen has been the dishwasher!  And we now have barstools at the island area.

Jessica and I bought this couch from Tracie before we moved out.  So a little piece of the BP is still with us!  My mom helped me pick out the three 3 cute pillows in the middle.  We originally bought some at Hobby Lobby on sale for $23 (originally $90....are you kidding me?!) Then we went to Gordman's and they had some for $12.  Love Gordman's.
Here's the basement.  Again, I wish I had my camera charger because I'd take more updated pictures of this.  Jessica has since bought and put together a coffee table and TV stand so it's much more put together.

And here's my pride and joy.  This is when you know you're officically an adult.  I own a washer and dryer. Me. I shopped around on Craigslist, went to some rather sketchy appliance stores, tried to get haggled at Lowes, and ended up with this beautiful matching set from a friend of a friend through Jessica for $200.  Heck of a deal.

I'm also noticing now I have no pictures of my own room and massive walk-in closet (love).  I just might live here forever.  So again...whenever I find that stupid camera charger and take more pictures I'll let ya know.  Until then....I've got to scrounge up some Hawaiian gear for Friday! Aloha!

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  1. Gentry- it looks great!!!
    But sweetie, as a teacher there is an unwritten law that at any given time you have to be able to pull out a Hawaiian shirt, a 70s shirt, and some type of book character crap. OK, maybe that book character crap is just in my grade...