Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Classroom Pics

Please forgive me for my lack of creativity with my title, but thanks to blogger you can see how many page views each post gets (confession, I'm a tad obsessed with that) and I've noticed lately that titles that include the word "new" or "change" had sky-rocket amounts of views!  Apparently people like to look at change going on in someone else's life.  My Operation Beach Bod also received a crazy amount of views...interesting.  I'm sorry to have created any disappointment when it was really just more of a title and less of anything regarding a beach or a bod.  What? You weren't expecting a fully clothed Gentry sporting a YMCA Changing Lives folder?! :) awesome mom continued our tradition of helping me out in my classroom to start the school year.  View this post and this post if you'd like to travel down memory lane of previous years in my classroom. Despite the fact that I haven't really come to terms with the fact that I return to school THIS WEEK, I have really enjoyed setting up a new classroom.  Thanks to my mom's sewing skills and willingness to work into the wee hours of the night (because let's be real, she does the majority of the work and I do the majority of the watching), I got a bit more crafty in this classroom with a valence in the windows and cute throw pillows in my widely expanded class library.  Enjoy some pics!

Couldn't seem to get rid of the red eye...

Mom sewed some cute cases for some throw pillows.  Complete with Velcro to remove & wash!

Bulletin board has since been completed, but forgot to snap a finished pic. 

A before and after.  And actually before this before the wall was covered in shelves that I took down.
So there's a brief tour of the place!  Wish me luck as I head off to new teacher training (again) and try to make friends and adjust to a new place.  I'm looking forward to it! 

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