Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY Project

Knock, knock, knock...Who is it?  REALITY.  I reported back to school on Wednesday and somehow when you get up before 9am the days seem very long. Seventh graders don't come until the 17th, so I've still got some time to do some finishing touches on things. 

Earlier I mentioned a DIY project that I shouldn't have done it goes.  I got very excited this summer at the thought of starting up a classroom library and randomly came across a nice bookshelf for $10 at a garage sale.  I also got a box of books with the shelf for fifty cents a piece!  Jessica and I were going to try to use our Dave Ramsey tip of haggling and get it for cheaper, but we I chickened out.  So I paid the price, loaded it all up and headed home.  I was already picturing how fun this project would be for me.  I'd get some spray paint and in no time this bookshelf would look brand new!  (I had no idea this was easier said than done at this point.)

Here's a Before
 The first step was to hammer some nails in the back to strengthen it.  Jessica graciously did this for me while I was in KC.  She knows me well enough to decide I wouldn't be the best for that job.  Next came the spray paint.  I went with "Rich Plum" and originally got just one can.  Needless to say, I made 3 more trips to Wal-Mart buying 1 more can at a time.  Clearly I had no idea what I was getting myself into here.  I learned my lesson of consulting an expert (anyone who has at least spray painted something in their lifetime) before starting.  Of course, I learned this lesson a little too late and already had thick runs of paint EVERYWHERE.  Might I add I was getting up early to do this before the heat wave would strike and was hoping that it would only take one early morning to knock this out.  Again, easier said than done. 

I was told to sand down my thick runs and paint over it.  Which I'm sure would have turned out great for anyone else.  However, I was left with a two-tone project and lots of frustration.  It looked like this at one point....
Yep...and this was on about day three of getting up early.  Now Gentry is really cranky and is vowing never to use spray paint again.  Luckily, with the help of Wal-Mart employees and good friends who were willing to talk me through it (I really wanted to be able to say I did this myself....and it's quite obvious that I did) I now have a completed bookshelf stacked full of books organized with stickers (thanks, Mom).

Honestly, with all the books on it, it looks pretty darn good.  Ok little seventh graders, get ready to do some reading!

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  1. Gentry- It looks great. For future reference, get Papa to do ALL your spray painting for you. He has turned it into an art form. One caveat...sometimes he paints a few more things than he is supposed to. ;)