Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Ever.

My mom and dad have officially entered the "empty-nest" stage of life as "Back-to-School Barbie", (Makenzie), left for Stillwater yesterday.  I was lucky enough to have my stay with me on her way back through to the bend. I was fully prepared to dry eyes and give hugs.  To reassure her that The Kid is now a big kid and will be fine, but honestly, she did quite well! 

We hit up Orange Leaf (a personal fave of mine), because it just didn't seem right to miss a day of not having ice cream.  Seriously, I'm on a roll this summer. Between McDonald's $1 hot fudge sundaes and trips to the new Yogurt Xplosion, where you get it free when you guess the exact weight (I'm two for two...yep) I've had my fair share of dairy products.  Today we filled the day with time spent in my classroom.  My wonderful mom has spent a day helping me in my room for the past three years.  Between her attention to detail, knack for decor, and hard-working spirit, she's a GREAT help! I was so mad when I got all the way to school without my camera. So here's an end of the day shot.  (Not that I would have looked any better at the beginning of the day, hello, I'm wearing a hat.)

We worked, ate Mexican food, and shopped.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Thanks, mom for all your help! 
(Future posts to look forward to:  Fun evening with the women of the BP & a DIY project that I shouldn't have done myself) :)

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