Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keepin' it Classy...Roller Derby Style

Looking for something to do on a Saturday night?  Well, you should have joined Jessica, myself, and others for Wichita's Roller Derby Girls Double Header.  That's right...and thanks to Groupon, we enjoyed this hilarious event at half price!  Honestly, I probably would have even paid the full $12 for this prime people-watching opportunity.  Now, I realize some of you might be asking, "What exactly is roller derby?"  I'd imagine it's a pretty select group of people that follow it closely, so allow me to fill you in. 

First of all, it's not a match or a game, but a bout. That was clue #1 that this was going to be good!  Five girls from each team are out on the "track" (a piece of cement marked with hot pink tape) at a time.  The purpose is for the girl with the star on her helmet (the jammer) to get through all the blockers and ahead of the pack to score a point for every person she passes on the opposite team.  You should have seen Jessica and I trying to figure this out as I'm busy taking pictures to capture the moment for the blog. 

As previously mentioned, this was a PRIME place for people-watching.  We decided we were missing our tattoos and cigarettes to truly fit in.  Here's a pic of the team ready to go!  I've never known a sport where the uniform required fish-net pantyhose. (might have to look closely)

Making their game plan.  The gold sparkly hat is the coach.
 My favorite girl was #6462 (clearly they could make up any number they wanted), Jackie O'Jaw, (as well as their name) My favorite name was a toss up between Ham Slamwich and Beatrix Beatdown.   Jackie was the best jammer out there.  Once she got through the blockers, as she always did, she'd pull up this handkerchief over her face like a bandit.  Go Jackie O'Jaw!  Here are some action shots.

This lady with the sassy boots was the announcer.  Again, all about class.

Here's a video so you can check out some live action!  This is Jackie O'Jaw herself scoring some big points.

They are still looking to recruit girls to be a part of the roller derby team and I'm considering.  I've just got to email Dogpile Diva and they'll provide the gear if I provide the guts.  I'm taking any and all nominations for what my Roller name should be. 

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  1. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT. Here, let me help you with names.

    Gench the Wrench


    Gritty Nitty

    Gentle Gentry

    Bust a Gutsy

    I could keep going all night but I'll leave you with those gems.