Friday, August 12, 2011


friend·ship (n). A person of understanding  and support.
1. comrade, chum, confidant. 2. backer, advocate. 
This sums up how I feel about the gals of The BP.  Over the last two years we've had the chance to laugh together (a lot), send each other off on dates, come home and blab about the dates, enjoy Thanksgiving dinners, have Christmas gift exchanges, live life together, and so much more. 
We gathered for a roomie dinner earlier this week to celebrate Chris heading off to Africa to do mission work. We're sad to see you leave, but so excited for you!
I've waited so long to post this that I can't remember all the hilarious conversations we shared, but a definite topic was grilling Danae on married life (so naturally, she no longer lives at the BP), and laughing about all sorts of things.
Tracie had the brilliant idea of getting a pair of TOMS for Chris because they are so her style & they send a pair of shoes to kids in Africa.  They also had African animal prints inside. Perfect!  We got a good laugh out of Danae sharing she couldn't understand Tracie over the phone and thought she said, "We're going to get Chris red you know what those are?" Hilarious.
Here's a pic of our meal that everyone contributed towards. (My delicious homemade boxed brownies didn't make the pic) I'm posting this in hopes to redeem our hamburger and BBQ sauce meal posted earlier.

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