Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Life

I truly believe there are certain things and people in life that just make life more fun.  There are pleasant surprises that you stumble upon where you know you'll never be the same because of them.  These girls have been just that for me.

 I have the wonderful privilege of co-leading these eighth grade girls through the youth group at my church.  I just started with them this past school year, but already we've become such  good friends.  A few weeks ago we went back to grade school and had ourselves a picnic and playtime. I'm looking forward to moving up with these girls as they start high school next year!  Enjoy the pics.

Yes, we were those kids dominating the play area.

Cheetoh eating contest. Duh.
This swing was good for nearly an hour of fun!  The girls stood back and watched little kids play on it like a hawk waiting to pounce when it came open.  I have some video of us taking turns screaming our heads off as we nearly flip off of the thing.  Okay, more like me screaming my head off, but I can't get them to upload. Boo.  I went home that night telling my roomies that I'm officially old and most likely the "lame" one of the group who couldn't do all the crazy, daring things without being overly hesitant and scared to death.  These girls do a great job of keeping me young.

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