Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holiday Weekend!

What?! April 27th was not a nationally recognized holiday?  Well, USD 261 sure did celebrate.  Happy no snow days to us!  In honor of my extra long weekend I made the trek to see this pretty thing-

and this silly boy-

I know I say this everytime, but I'm not sure Cade could be any cuter or more fun then right now.  His little personality is in full swing (pun intended) and he is just precious. 

See what I mean? Mr. Personality.

And what a great big brother!  He always wants to hold and kiss Miss Reese

And what's a post without Reese??

It's truly remarkable that her eyes are open in 2 pics, because she sleeps a lot.
 Can't wait to get back to hang out with these two crazy kiddos!  Jana and Matt, you officially have the cutest family ever!! How will The Kid and I ever come close?? :)

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