Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teacher's Pet

I'm three weeks into my grad classes and thought I needed to escape from all the Book Evaluations, paper writing, and responding to posts to write for FUN.  I originally started the blog to have an outlet for my writing.  It's not that I have an exciting life or cute kids to show off, just the desire to type out my thoughts and every once in awhile hear from near strangers that they enjoy reading my blog. 

I've honestly been avoiding the blog because that requires more writing and I feel that I've been glued to my computer daily with writing.  Let's just say I prefer going to class over the online course.  Summer session 2 is two online classes.  Lovely. 

As for a grade update (Yes, I'm willing to share my grade with the wide-world internet) Why? Because it's currently a 100%.  Yes, I'm totally taking the role of the teacher's pet.  The one who responds more than the minimum amount, and is regularly one of the first ones to post.  And my youtube video (refer to last post) was out of this world if I do say so myself, thanks to Windows Movie Maker.  (I'm making it loud and clear that I do not have an exciting life nor cute kids to occupy my time, aren't I?)

Anway, nothing of value or real importance to say.  And sorry, breaking the rules and not even including a picture.  Just needed a school break and a chance to write for fun.  I might also be procrastinating on reading the next novel for the Lit class....but get excited, the Sauder girls are all reuniting in GB for the weekend, so great times and fun pics to come!!


  1. I'm pretty sure the role of teacher's pet is nothing new for you...
    But rest assured, the wide-world web loves your writing and I'm sure your teachers do too. :)

  2. Can I come to GB too? You girls are too much fun and I wanna be a part of it!